A Name You Can Trust

We can’t process everything but our team can give truthful up-to-date information on resort changes of policy on the conditions of relinquishment, as we know them.

There are many different vacation products on the market but we think we have the expertise in to give to you the very best advice available.
Wealth of experience
With my 28 years in the Timeshare and Vacation industry over half of those years I been advising marketers, who are selling vacation products on what timeshares, points and other vacation products can be taken in part exchange and what products should be best left alone. Due to various developers not wanting to let their owners relinquish in order to keep hold of management fees or they make it extremely difficult to transfer over to a new owner.

Where clients have ceded their weeks into RCI points please remember that you sign for a 13 month surrender clause so you are liable for fees for the following year on both weeks and points.

There are a few resorts in the USA that have the right to have first refusal on any sales. although this has not been the norm for them in the past to make any offers, Although it can cause them to produce a lot of extra documentation for our clients, and of course it can stretch the times period of a transfer.
Many resorts we work with have brought in their own specific terms for us to be able to complete surrenders but this can change at any time. Some of the resorts where we can relinquish have become very costly but we can only advise as and when we know! 
Why we're Special
We not only process trade in products for some of the larger timeshare groups but are not permitted to take in their weeks or vacation products ourselves so we know this is absolutely false, so please be cautious of any company who tells you they can take in everything. Most USA resorts and some resort in Europe require various documents to be notarized and original copies of death certificates if someone has lost a partner. Timeshare in general gives clients a high standard of accommodation and can be good value for money on a lifetime of holidays but peoples personal circumstances change they can lose a partner, separate, become too old to travel or maybe just want to invest in a more luxurious or a more versatile product, so we are here to assist with our expertise.

In later years there have been many companies set up spending huge sums on advertising and putting up very expensive webs where they say they can transfer everything and anything, but those who know the business, know this to be completely farcical!